Best Cookery Classes in Delhi

Cooking is a simple and fun process. And honestly, anyone can master the art of cooking with the right guidance. If you have been struggling how to cook for a while now and wish to improve your cooking skills, then get yourself enrolled in one of these amazing cooking classes in Delhi. Trust me, with these cooking classes, you will learn how to be a chef in just a couple of weeks.

From Lebanese, Thai, and Mexican to authentic North Indian food, these cooking classes will teach you all. And you will also learn how to make interesting and flavorsome desserts and cupcakes which help you design a complete meal for your friends and family.

Where: Defence Colony

Started in 2007 by Usha Agarwal, offers one of the most fantastic cooking classes to attend in Delhi. Fueled by Usha’s passion for cooking, came into being when Usha decided to help others learn to cook simple and easy recipes. She believes that cooking is an art which can easily be mastered if you are patient and hardworking and that is what her cooking institute reflects too.

At, they cover a wide range of dishes and cuisines so you can choose the one which interests you the most. You have cooking classes on Mughlai, South India, Indian Street Food, Rajasthani Food, Starters, Salads, Ice Creams, Mocktails, and a whole range of other recipes to master here. All the courses are designed with easy recipes so that it is easy to learn and the recipes used in the courses are quite healthy and nutritious.

Each cooking class is a 1-day class and they offer vegan and gluten-free cooking classes for interested students. They also offer individual classes for flexibility and convenience and is quite popular among international students.

Neeta Khurana Classes

Where: Kalkaji

Neeta Khurana is an experienced chef who has over 11 years of experience and has been teaching how to cook for several years now. At Neeta Khurana Classes, you can learn different cuisines like Pan Asia, Mexican, North India, etc. and can even learn how to bake here. You will be able to cover a wide variety of dishes like soups, starters, salads, spaghetti, butter chicken, dosa, and so much more.

They offer a range of cooking classes which can last anywhere between a day and 4 days. Every day, you spend 3 hours learning the recipes from scratch and cover a list of dishes which will help you become your kitchen master in no time at all. They also offer classes on chocolate and dessert making so if you want to be a kitchen genius, make sure you get enrolled in one of these classes as well.

Perfect Cookery Classes

Where: Greater Kailash 1

Want to learn how to prepare International cuisines and new, tasty dishes? If yes, then make sure that you get enrolled in the cooking classes at Perfect Cookery Classes in Noida. This place houses a team of expert chefs who will teach you the art of cooking and help you excel and become an expert at cooking so that you can pursue it professionally as well. All the courses here are conducted by Mrs. Ramni Ralhan who has more than 30 years of experience in cooking.

Perfect Cookery Training Center was started in 1987 and offers a wide range of cooking classes which are conducted throughout the year. The cooking classes offered here are perfect for beginners and each class is limited to just 10 students so they get proper and undivided attention from the teacher. From Mughlai, Continental, etc. to waffles, crepes, etc., you can learn how to make a variety of dishes here. The courses can run anywhere between 1 and 3 days, depending on the dishes which will be covered. And the best part is that once you complete 10 cooking classes, you get a certification and discount on other classes.

Nita Mehta Cookery Classes

Where: Khirki

Nita Mehta is one of the top and well-known chefs in Delhi who also has an MSc. Degree and Gold Medal in Food & Nutrition. She also has her own Youtube channel where you can learn new recipes and is a proud owner of over 600 cookbooks. At Nita Mehta Cookery Classes, you will find cooking classes covering a large variety of cuisines like South Indian, Lebanese, Pasta, etc.

With over 50 cooking classes to choose from, Nita Mehta covers everything in the cooking and baking department and will definitely help you become an experienced chef in a short duration. Most of her classes are 1-day cooking classes which are 3-hours long and cover a list of dishes related to the topic. You can check out her website to request cooking classes for yourself or you can enroll in any upcoming cooking classes that are being held by her.

Sudha Kapoor’s Cooking Classes

Where: GTB Nagar

Sudha Kapoor is an expert chef who has years of knowledge and experience in cooking and is now sharing her knowledge with aspiring cooks and chefs. Sudha believes in enhancing the flavor of cooking recipes and often adds her own creativity to modify the recipes a little. At her cooking classes, you will be able to become an expert on different cuisines like Chinese, Italian, Continental, and so on. And you will also find baking classes available here for all age groups.

All her cooking classes are hands-on sessions and are limited to 6-8 students so that everyone gets undivided attention in order to learn efficiently. The classes are 3-hours long and include several dishes which will help you prepare to make a multi-course meal. From sizzlers to cakes, you can learn a lot at her cooking and baking classes and can also opt for home cooking classes if that is more convenient to you.

So, have you enrolled in any of these cooking classes yet? Go and do it now and then let us know how your cooking experience turned out to be.

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