Best Cooking Classes in Mumbai

Nowadays, it has become very important that all of us know how to cook food if we don’t want to end up hungry. Sure, we have new food apps to keep us fed at all times but learning basic cooking skills is certainly not a bad idea. It could actually be really useful if you feel hungry at night and there is no way to order food online anymore.

Well, cooking is an art and requires a lot of patience and practice. But even more important than that is proper guidance from an experienced cooking teacher. Luckily, there are several good cooking classes in Mumbai which you can take in order to become a pro at cooking in just a few days.

Here are a few top cooking classes for you to consider in Mumbai:

Mahek’s Atelier

Where: Andheri

One of the best-known cooking classes in Mumbai, Mahek’s Atelier is the perfect place to learn cooking as well as baking. Depending on your requirements, you will find both 1-day cooking workshops and culinary diploma courses to choose from. They have over 60 cooking workshops in which they teach you how to make sauces, dips, biryanis, sandwiches, sushi, mocktails, soups, starters, and so on.

Most of these classes are 1-day classes which run for around 3 hours and teach you how to master a dish in the short duration. That’s not all though, they also have special cooking and baking classes for children where they can learn and have fun at the same time. And if you are looking for something serious and wish to become a professional chef then they also offer a diploma in culinary arts which is a 3-month course and includes everything that you need to know to become an experienced chef/cook.

Arora Cooking Class

Where: Malad

A passionate cook and teacher, Saloni Arora doesn’t take her cooking classes lightly and works hard on her students’ kitchen skills. She started her cooking classes in 1994 and has been going strong since then. All her cooking classes are focused on the students and ensure that they learn how to prepare delicious food using simple and easy cooking methods.

With over 85 courses to choose from, you can learn anything from preparing thai to soups to Punjabi dishes in a short duration. All her cooking classes are 1-day or 2-day classes in which she teaches you simple and easy techniques to make an assortment of dishes at a very affordable price. And all the recipes used in her classes are vegetarian and healthy so you don’t have to worry about using too much oil anymore.

Humbhichef Studio Kitchen

Where: Goregaon East

D’lecta Foods Pvt. Ltd. not only delivers delicious bakery and dairy products but also trains aspiring cooks and chefs in the art of cooking. They offer a chance for everyone to learn cooking in their own amazing kitchen and have more than 10 highly qualified cooks as their trainers. They conduct classes with small batches so each student can get proper guidance from the teachers. All their classes are held from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. every day and apart from recipes also include a few cooking tips and tricks to make it easier for you to make delicious food.

Essentially, they offer two types of cooking courses: Regular course and professional course. The regular course usually lasts for 3-4 hours and is perfect for food enthusiasts who can spare only a couple of hours every week. But if you are planning to become a professional chef then you should take the professional course which is 3-5 days intensive course where you spend 3-4 hours each day. In the professional course, you understand all the basics of cooking and baking and learn about complex recipes in order to pursue it as a career.

Culinary Craft

Where: Powai

Yet another great cooking class for beginners and professionals, Culinary Craft offers a range of regular and professional cooking and baking courses for you to choose from. And with their hands-on cooking and baking lessons, you will become a kitchen whizz in just a short duration. They provide special workstation to each student so that you can work uninterruptedly and can also take the help of the chef whenever needed.

From sizzlers to wraps to baos, they cover a large variety of dishes and desserts. That’s not all though, they conduct separate classes for kids and corporate events as well. And don’t worry, these classes tend to be informative and fun at the same time so your kids or employees won’t get bored. Also, if you want to have a private cooking party then you can contact them for it too and get the undivided attention of the chefs and professionals here. So, if you want to learn how to cook for fun or are looking for new experience with your friends and family then Culinary Craft is definitely a good choice for you.

Sweets to You

Where: Goregaon East

A well-known cooking class in Andheri East, Mahek’s Cooking Class teaches you not only how to make delicious food but equally amazing desserts and baked goods as well. You can learn to cook different cuisines here like Mexican, Thai, Mughlai, Italian, and so on. So, you have a wide range of dishes and desserts to choose from in order to improve your kitchen skills.

From prawns to soups to continental meals, they have a cooking class to teach all of the dishes and will make you the master of your kitchen in no time at all. They also offer weekend batches for working women so you can take those if you are busy during the week and they also have flexible timings and customizable courses which is really helpful if you are serious about your cooking skills. Lastly, since they have limited students in each batch, you can be sure to get adequate guidance and learning to be able to cook efficiently in no time at all.

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