Best Baking Classes in Pune

Baking is said to be quite therapeutic and it is true but only if you know how to bake. If you don’t then you can often become depressed due to the result and have a hard time enjoying it truly. But don’t worry, just because you are bad at baking doesn’t mean that you can’t learn to improve your skills.

And with the plethora of online and offline backing classes available these days, learning how to bake couldn’t have become easier. Are you looking to join a good baking class in Pune? Want to utilize some of your free time and learn a new skill?

Then, here are a few baking classes you can consider to join. Trust me, these baking classes will get you baking like an expert in no time at all.

Once Upon a Cake

Where: Kondhwa

Mohena Ahluwalia is a home baker who is passionate about baking and is the owner of Once Upon a Cake. She has been baking for over 6 years now and has received professional training from some of the best baking schools in India. And now she teaches other people to help them realize their passion for baking by showing them how easy it is to follow the recipes. At Once Upon a Cake, you will find multiple baking courses which last anywhere between a day to 1.5 months, depending on which course you choose.

If you are interested in short courses and wish to learn some particular dessert or baked item, then they have 1-day bakery courses in macaroons baking, cupcake making, bread baking, and designer chocolate. They also offer a fresh cream baking course and fondant baking course which are 3 days each. But if you are looking for a professional course then you can go for the Professional Baking Course which runs for 1.5 months and covers all the basics, techniques, and baking recipes.

WhisknBake Institute

Where: Dhanori

Whisk n Bake Institute is one of the top baking institutes in Pune which teaches you how to bake and decorate a cake like an expert in a short duration. At this institute, you can choose from the 3 diploma courses which are 1-month and 3-months long and cover a wide range of baking techniques and methods. In the Diploma Confectionery & Baking Course, you cover everything about baking, from the tools and techniques to how to make advanced desserts. And since this is a hands-on course, you get to take your baked goods at home which you practice in the class. How cool is that?

If you don’t wish to do the entire baking course then you have short 1-month courses on fresh cream making and foundational baking as well. You can join one of these courses to learn how to bake or make fresh cream, it is entirely up to you. You will learn how to make macaroons, tarts, pies, cakes, fondant, etc. in the bakery courses here which will prepare you for commercial bakery kitchens as well.

Gurukrupa Cakes and Classes

Where: Karve Nagar

One of the best baking classes to attend in Pune, Gurukrupa Cakes and Classes was started by Mrs. Sukkhada to teach and inspire aspiring bakers in Pune. The baking classes at Gurukrupa are fun and practical which makes it easy to understand and learn baking and has resulted in many baking experts over the years. All the classes are designed in a way that beginners won’t feel overwhelmed and will be able to grasp everything easily.

The baking classes can be anywhere between 5 and 8 hours and demonstrate each recipe step-by-step. Also, the classes are held in a completely equipped room so you don’t have to get anything apart from your passion for baking. And they also provide you detailed notes and recipe details after the class so that you can practice and learn at home too.

Ann’s Baking Studio

Where: Aundh

Do you love to bake? Always wished you could follow the recipes and present a beautiful result as they show on videos? Worry not because Ann’s Baking Studio believes in teaching how to materialize your love for baking with the help of a few simple techniques and methods. Angha, aka Ann, started baking at the age of 15 and has a Diploma in Baking Science and Technology which she uses to teach others how to bake efficiently.

At Ann’s Baking Studio, you have several courses to choose from, depending on what you are looking for. If you want to learn how to make healthy desserts and dishes then you can join her Healthy Baking Workshop. She also has workshops for family and corporate fun where you learn to bake and have fun at the same time. And if you don’t have a lot of time to expend then her 1-day baking workshops will the perfect fit for you. Also, if you are really serious about your baking then you can take her private workshops which are customizable and will teach you baking with proper guidance and 100% attention.

Rajuls Cookery Classes

Rajul Sanghvi has been cooking and baking for the last 10 years now and loves to share her passion with other people. As a result, she started Rajuls Cookery Classes so that she can teach others how to cook and bake like a pro. She loves to teach dishes which are quick to make but utterly delicious at the same time. So, if you wish to learn basic baking skills then you can attend one of her baking classes by finding her schedule on her website.

At Rajuls Cookery Classes, you will learn all kinds of desserts and baked goods which include but is not limited to designer chocolates, eggless ice creams, artisan bread, eggless doughnuts, tea time cakes, bistro desserts, and so on. Each baking class is just 3.5 hours long and is quite reasonably priced so you can attend many classes in a month and become a pro baker in just a few weeks.

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