Best Baking Classes and Bakery Courses in Mumbai

Do you love baking? Are you serious about your baking skills?

Baking is a precise art which required a lot of skills and talent if you want to make a career out of it. It is important that you get proper guidance and attention to hone your baking skills. For this, you need to join a good baking class or course and learn from the baking experts who have a lot of experience in baking. Thankfully, there are many professional bakers in Mumbai who offer several baking courses to improve their student’s skills and techniques.

Here is a list of baking classes that you can consider to learn how to become a pro baker.

Mahek’s Atelier Baking Classes

Where: Andheri

For people who are serious about being professional bakers, Mahek’s Atelier Baking Classes is the best place to start. One of the best baking classes in Mumbai, Mahek’s Atelier offers diploma courses in baking and patisserie to anyone who is interested. Each of their course is detailed and well-structured and can last anywhere between 6 days to 3 months.

If you really want to become a pro baker then make sure that you enroll in their Diploma in Baking and Patisserie which will include all the basics of bakery and pastry making. And it is the perfect course for home bakers and bakery owners. If you are new to baking, then you can take the Introduction to Baking course. This will cover all the basics and teach you how to make cookies, cakes, pies, tarts, and so on. After the course completion, you also get a certificate which you can use to get work in other bakeries and confectionaries.

Sweets to You

Where: Andheri

‘Sweets to You’ was started by Mahek Mandlik 7 years ago and has now become one of the top baking classes to join in Mumbai. A passionate baker, Mahek offers a variety of classes in her Sweets to You baking school which comprises of baking, chocolate making, cake decoration, and sugarcraft as well. In her baking classes, she covers everything from assorted bread to French macaroons which can come handy if you are planning to become a professional baker.

Apart from that, she also has classes which cover how to make assorted chocolate, gourmet chocolates, etc. and also teach how to bake and ice a cake. And you also have a choice of enrolling for the Sugarcraft modules which will cover a variety of crafting elements like edible lace, onlays, crimping, and so on.

Tasty Secret Cooking and Baking Classes

Where: Goregaon

Started by Riya Kamat, an IHM graduate, Tasty Secret Cooking and Baking Classes focuses on channeling people’s passion for baking to teach them how to make the most delicious baked products and desserts. This baking school offers baking classes both for individual and corporate purposes and makes baking a lot of fun.

With their 1-day courses in desserts, cakes, cookies, mocktails, etc., you can end a lot of unique dishes quite quickly and can prepare it at home to surprise your friends and family. And if you are looking for some fun office event then you can contact them for customized classes for your employees. From cakes to fondant decorations, you will find classes for everything here which can help you make a better baker in no time at all.

Culinary Craft

Where: Powai

With a team of professional chefs who will offer a hands-on experience to anyone who joins there classes, Culinary Craft is another great place to learn baking in Mumbai. They have many government certified courses in baking for you to choose from which includes bread making, eggless baking, dessert preparations, and so on.

One of the best things about this baking school is that they offer both weekdays and weekend classes so you can choose which fits your schedule perfectly. And each of their baking courses includes theoretical and practical sessions which give a better understanding to their students. Since they are quite popular in Mumbai, their courses are usually sold out a couple of months in advance so you have to be quick when enrolling.

Studio Fifteen

Where: Elphinstone

Pooja Dhingra, the owner of bakeries: Patisserie and Le15 Café is one of the most prominent bakers in Mumbai. And well apart from making delicious desserts and baked goods, she also teaches others how to bake and has opened Studio Fifteen in Mumbai for this exact same reason.

From macaroons to cheesecakes, you can learn to make everything from her baking classes. The classes are extremely fun and relaxing and the price of the baking courses here start from around 1700 INR. So, you can take as many classes as you want, depending on your availability. The best part is that these classes are short and focus on a single dish so you will be able to master it before you enroll in another course here.

Gourmet Studio

Where: Colaba

Yet another amazing baking school for aspiring bakers to learn from, Gourmet Studio offers several professional courses in baking and chocolate making. Taught by Jyoti Choudhari, the baking courses at Gourmet Studio are only for women where everything is taught from scratch. They only offer 1-day courses which can usually take 4-6 hours to be completed are completely hands-on workshops.

From cakes to bread to chocolate, you can learn to make all kinds of desserts and baked goods here. Also, they use 100% vegetarian recipes so if you want to learn how to make eggless products then this is definitely the best baking class for you.


Baking is a lot of fun and can be quite rewarding if you know what you are doing. This is why it is important that you take baking classes so that you can make the perfect desserts at home and impress your friends and family members.

Trust me, you can always learn how to bake without making a career out of it too and can enjoy the entire process of baking at home.

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