100 Bakery/Cafe Business Ideas in India (How to Come up with an Idea)

Coming up with the perfect concept for your Bakery/Cafe is the combination of WHO is your target competitors in the market and WHAT is that you want to offer in the market.

Niche is something within you that needs to be calculated only then you can target.

First of all you need to analysis your own unique baking skills or what is your best culinary dish and what are the benefits of eating this. So it would be easier for you to calculate who the customers that you can look at and how to target your customers for this unique savoury.

Once you have this answer with you, you are good to look for the type of Bakery you will want to run. Your market study should include a thought understanding of what is the specialty of some of the bakeries that are in the up market like

Albert Bakery, Bengaluru which is 114 years old and still running. Their highly suggested items in the bakery are Butter Biscuits, Mutton Keema Samosa and Kova Naan.

Another such bakery is in Kolkata by the name of Nahoum and Sons. This bakery’s sustainability has been for the past 115 years. It is the most ironic bakery in Kolkata and the item that is most popular are the plum cakes around Christmas time. The other well know bakery products that are very popular with customers are Rum Balls and the exquisite marzipan.

Most of you must have heard of Rumana Jaslee the founder of Incredible Art- Artisan Cake Boutique. By profession Rumanan is a registered dietician and a self-taught Cake Artist.

She started baking as a home baker 2008. She is now an active participant in both national and International Cake Decoration forums.

Her dainty, pretty looking sugar flowers and Wedding Cakes have been featured in National and International Magazines.

If you have the passion for baking breads, then try baking those breads which are not easily available in the market get some variations in the bread ingredients which help weight management as most people in today teach savvy world want to eat healthy as they lace in outdoor activities due to their work style.

You must have your own signature dish with its unique presentation and the name of this signature dish should identify your bakery. The presentation or its serving style should also be unique.

You can also bake and supply your bread to restaurants or hotels. This large baking order will help you sustain the bakery longer with more profits and a regular income.

100 Bakery/Cafe Business Concept Ideas that You Can Use Today!

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