How to Store your Baking Tools

Baking Tools

Ever faced a situation where you are unable to locate your baking tool and you had to borrow someone else’s tools for the evening? We all have been there once and I know how much it sucks to use someone else’s tools when you have high-quality baking tools in your kitchen for baking different types of baked goods. So, how can you ensure that the next time you need your baking tools, you actually find them?

Well, organizing your decorating and baking tools in a proper place is an essential step in this. Here are a few ways to organize your baking tools so that it becomes easier to take them out the next time you plan to bake:

1. Keep all Baking Tools in one Cupboard

Make sure that you assign a few drawers or cupboards for storing your baking tools. You can keep all the cupcake decorating tools together like icing, decorative sugar, sprinkles, and so on. You can also keep baking pans, mixing bowls, muffin pans, etc. together so that it is easier for you to take them out.

2. Keep Everything Labeled

Another great way to organize your baking tools is by labeling all the cupboards and drawers where you have put them. You can use a drawer to store all your cupcake or muffin baking tools and then label that drawer so you would know. You can do this to all the cupboards and drawers and containers which you use to store the tools.

3. Nest and Stack Tools Together

You can also keep a few baking tools stacked together. If you have different sized measuring cups and mixing bowls then you can stack them inside each other so it would save a lot of space and you won’t be searching for them too much. You can keep baking spoons and spatulas together in a container and so on.

Nest and Stack Tools

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4. Keep Cookie Cutters Together

If you have a lot of different types of cookie cutters for holidays or normal days, then you can keep them together according to their uses. You can store different shaped cookies cutters in one container. Keep holiday cutters in a separate container. This is an efficient way to keep your decorating tools organized.

5. Use Containers to Store Smaller Decorating Tools

Another great way to keep your decorating tools is by storing them in glass containers so that you can see what is inside them and can take out only the ones you need. You can keep cupcake parchment paper together in a container and different types of cutters and shapers in different containers.

6. Keep Only Frequently Used Tools on Kitchen Counter

Another amazing way to store your baking tools is to ensure that you keep only those equipment on the kitchen counter which you use regularly. Avoid cluttering your kitchen counters with baking tools that you are not going to use every day like a stand mixer or an icing tool. Only keep those tools which you use often so that your kitchen looks neat and spacious.

Kitchen Counter

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