Don’t wait for your answers. The FAQ page covers some of the most commons doubts you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Basic Info

Do I Need to know basics of baking before joining a baking school?

The schools that offer certification courses like Truffle Nation or Lavonne do not require any prior knowledge of baking. But if you’re opting for a short-term course on like icing and cake decoration etc then yes, you need to know the basics.

Are baking schools in Delhi worth the time and money?

Absolutely, the baking schools in Delhi have improved a lot over time. You no longer have to spend the big bucks and train abroad to be a master at cakes or pastries or even chocolate. 

What Baking school is the best in South Delhi?

As we have already recommended previously if you’re in South Delhi Truffle Nation will nurture you into a proficient baker by creating a real-life kitchen experience.

Service Info

Where can I find expert help for my bakery?

For that, you can either get in touch with our team through the form on the contact page or you can also give a call to Truffle Nation. They are one of the very few baking schools offering consultancy services to small baking business in the country.

Where I can learn budgeting, menu planning etc. for my bakery?

The Truffle Nation diploma course is the best way to learn everything you need to know to manage behind the scene things like menu planning, hiring, budgeting etc. for your bakery.