13 Easy Steps on How to Build a Website for Your Bakery?

Once you have opened your bakery shop and found an appropriate name for it, it is time that you build an online website to garner more customers for your bakery business. A website will help in creating a web presence for your bakery business and will help you in getting more customers to your store.

Not sure how you can build a website for your bakery?

Don’t worry, we understand that building a new website from scratch isn’t easy and requires a little investment which can be a little scary. However, creating a website for your bakery is important and shouldn’t be neglected for too long if you really want to grow your bakery business. In fact, a good website can not only help you get more customers but can also help in increasing your sales by 50% if implemented properly.

So, we have prepared a guide to help you out in building your own website and using it to attract customers to your bakery store.

Step 1: Determine the Purpose of your Website

The first thing that you need to decide is whether you are making an online website for blogging or as an e-commerce website. If you are choosing to create a blog for your bakery business, then you won’t face a lot of difficult and will be able to start it yourself only. However, if you are planning to make a website where customers can order baked goods online then you would have to be careful and ensure that you have proper payment methods in place and that the entire ordering experience is smooth and quick.

If you are just starting, then a blog will be a better idea where you can share some regular tips, photographs of your creations, baking recipes, etc. From this blog, you can lure in customers to baking events and workshops. Also, delightful photographs of your baked goods will tempt the customers to visit your bakery more and order more bakery goods.

On the other hand, if you have spent a few months in promoting your bakery business and have a good customer base then it might be wise to create an online website where customers can order your products online. This will help you in retaining your regular customers and will help in gaining new customers who are looking for a convenient way to get desserts and baked goods at home.

Step 2: Decide how you will build your Website

Once you have decided the kind of website that you will like to open for your bakery, it is time to decide how you are going to do it. There are a few ways to build your website.

Do it yourself

If you have the time and skills to build your own website then it would be best that you do it yourself. This way, you will not only save money which you will otherwise have to give to the website designer but will also be able to design your bakery website the way you like. You can add the elements that you want and won’t have to waste time in explaining the website details.

However, there are chances that you might procrastinate working on your website which will end up delaying the process. So, only choose this method if you are sure that you will be able to make a website from scratch in a week or two.

Hire a Student

If you lack the necessary skills and time to create your own website then it would be better to hire a student who knows about website designing. Since you will be hiring a student, you can pay half the price that you would have to pay a professional website builder.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that students might not provide you with a smooth website as a professional website designer so if that isn’t a big concern to you, you can go ahead with this method.

Hire a Professional Website Designer

One of the most common methods used by most bakeries is to hire a professional website designer or select a website designer package online which will handle basics of your website. They will create your entire website for you and you just need to provide content and pictures for your blog. This is the easiest but most expensive method to build your website but you can be sure that your website will work efficiently even after a few years.

Step 3: Choose a Domain and Hosting Site

After you have decided how you will get your website created, you will need to search for a good domain and hosting purchase website. There are several websites which will offer you good deals but it is important that you choose a website that will be able to handle more traffic and will provide you with a smooth experience. You will find cheap deals on GoDaddy but if you are looking for a reliable then Hostgator and Bluehost will be a better choice for you.

You will need to check out the best deals on these domain hosting websites and select the one that meets your budget and your needs.

Step 4: Get the Required Domain for your Bakery website

Once you have selected the perfect domain and hosting a website for your bakery website, you will need to search for your domain name and see if it is available. Depending on the availability, you will need to select a domain for your bakery website and then purchase it.

You will come across many domains and hosting packages so choose the one which will benefit you the most. Also, try to select a Linux based hosting as it is more reliable and quick. Once you have purchased the hosting and domain, you are all set to create your website and link it to your domain name.

Step 5: Get an Experienced Website Builder

Once you have the domain name and hosting package in place, you will need to find someone to set up your website and design it (If you are not following DIY method). So, try to search online for a reliable and experienced website builder or contact your friends and see if anyone of them can find one for you. Make sure that you check the work before hiring the website designer and gather more background information about him/her before you do that.

Select a website designer who has a lot of recommendations from other customers and who will provide you the website on time. Also, make sure that you check the fees beforehand to avoid any nasty surprises.

Step 6: Use a Platform to Create Content

After you get your domain and hosting sorted, you will need to select a platform for your website. If you have hired a website designer to build your website from scratch then you can skip this step. To build your website using themes and website creating platforms, you will need to search good UI websites like WordPress, Weebly, Wix, etc.

Always remember that a paid version of your design platform will offer you more features than a free version but it ultimately depends on your needs. Check out the different design websites and select the one which will be easy to understand and use and won’t pose too much problem for you. A user-friendly design website will be more convenient to use and will allow you to work quickly.

Step 7: Link your Domain to your Chosen Platform

Now, you need to link your domain to your design platform so that your website is up. The linking process is quite easy and barely takes a few minutes and once it is completed, you can enter the URL in your browser and your bakery website will pop open.

Step 8: Add an About Me Page

Once your website is all up and linked, you need to start creating content for it. Start with the About Me, Contact Me, and Portfolio Page. Here, you will post a little about yourself, what inspired you to start baking, and how can customers contact you for any baking related queries or for ordering stuff.

In the About Me section, you need to make a connection with your customer by telling them your life story in a summarized form. This should include when did you start baking, how was your journey, what prompted you to start a bakery business, and so on. This will help in creating a brand and story for your bakery and will allow the customers to associate a face with your bakery business.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind when writing the About Me page:

Include Photographs

One of the best ways to grab your customer’s attention is by posting pictures of you and your team while baking. Show your bakery staff preparing the cake and rolling dough or fun events in your place so that customers feel intrigued about your bakery. You can also add the profile of each bakery staff member so that customers feel more at home and recognize by face most of your staff members.

Tell the Story

You can also tell how you started this bakery business and the problems that you faced. Include fun and emotional stories with your baking so that customers can relate to it.

History of your Bakery

You can also include the history of your bakery. How did you start it? How many staff you had earlier? How has it grown by now? All these things will add a human touch to your bakery and will make customers feel more at ease after knowing about it.

Step 9: Post Content on your Website

Apart from the basic pages, you will also need to create different categories and website menus and post content on your website. Post different baking recipes and product reviews to lure in the customers. Make sure that your post content is concise and easy to understand and adopt a posting style which will stay consistent in all your posts.

For example, you can post baking recipes along with their benefits and their history. So, your post will contain first the history of the bakery item, benefits of eating it, and then a concise and easy-to-follow recipe along with a few pictures. A well-organized post will attract more customers and will help greatly in building your online presence.

There are a few ways to post content on your website:

Post different baking recipes

One of the best ways to fill your website with content is by posting recipes of all the basic bakery items that are sold in your bakery store. However, make sure that you don’t give away your signature dishes as then customers will find no reason to visit.

Post various baking tips and tricks

Apart from the baking recipes, you can also share a few beginner tips and tricks so that amateur bakers learn and start baking at their home. This will also get more readers to your bakery website which will help in promoting your bakery business.

Post Videos of Recipes

If you find writing too much of a pain then you can also take a video of your recipes and post it on your website. This will make it easier for people to learn your recipe and you won’t have to waste time in preparing a post too.

Post about Upcoming Bakery Events

You can also share information on the various food and bakery events that are going to take place at your bakery store so that people come to visit it. This is a good way to get customers to your bakery store and buy something.

Allow Guest Posts on your Website

If you don’t mind guest posts then you can let other bakers and food bloggers to write a few guest posts on bakery on your website. This way, you get more content without having to prepare it yourself.

Step 10: Post Pictures of your Bakery Items

Another thing to keep in mind is to post good-quality pictures on your website of all the things that you bake. A photo can be worth a thousand words and will attract customers more to your bakery store.

Make sure that the photographs of food posted on your website are clear and colorful and are not blurry as this will create a negative impact on the customers. You can get high-quality photographs by the following methods:

Hire a Photography student

If you don’t want to spend thousands of bucks on hiring a professional photographer then you can simply get a college student who takes photography courses to work for you. Usually, these students are looking for ways to expand their portfolio and make a few bucks so you will get good work at a reduced cost. You can contact photography professors to ask about students looking for internships or some freelancing work and then contact these students.

Although you are less likely to get highly professional shots, you will certainly get a few decent ones that can be used.

Take photographs yourself

If you have a decent smartphone or a DSLR at home then you can take pictures yourself too. All you need is a brightly lit place and a properly styled food plate and you will be able to get decent shots yourself.

Check out Food Styling and Photography Tutorials

If you want to up your food photography game, then you can check out some food styling and food photography video tutorials online and master these skills. This will be helpful in long-term and will help you in saving a lot of money too.

Step 11: Use Social Media to get Subscribers

Once you have posted content on your website, it is important that you share it on your social media platforms so that your followers get to know about it and increase the viewership. This is also a great way to get more subscribers to your website and increase your customer base. You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. to share your bakery website and get traffic from these sites on your bakery website.

Step 12: Post Consistently

One important thing to keep in mind is that you should post content on your website consistently if you want to maintain your regular customers. If you post once in a month then the viewership of your website will decrease and you won’t be able to expand your customers.

So, be consistent in posting content and post at least 1 or 2 baking posts in a week to keep your audience engaged.

Step 13: Make your Website Quick and Responsive  

Finally, it is important that your website is quick and responsive and doesn’t lag too much. This is critical for both blogging and e-commerce website. If customers find your pages taking too much time to load then they will your website and move on.

You also need to ensure that the ordering process on your website is simple and quick. The customers should be able to select the desired product instantly and should find the payment methods convenient for placing the order. If the order page on your website is too slow or throws too many errors then you could lose a lot of customers.

So, make sure you have a good and responsive website which customers find convenient to use.