Top 12 Best Bakeries In Delhi


Do you love munching on those gorgeous delicious cupcakes? Do you love trying new exotic desserts to satisfy your food cravings every day?

Anyone who loves food knows that dessert makes an important part of a meal and a day without dessert is a day you are not living properly. This is why I love going to bakeries a lot and just love trying the new tarts, muffins, pastries, and so on. If you love desserts and baked goods as much as I do, then you absolutely need to check out some of these amazing baking schools in Delhi to learn about those sweets.

Trust me, these are one of the top bakeries in Delhi and each and every baked item at their shop is worth all the trouble in this world. So, if you want a piece of heaven then you have to check these bakeries out.

1. The Cake Company

Where: DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon
Average Cost: ₹500 for two people (approximately)

One of the top bakeries in Delhi, The Cake Company lives up to its reputation and certainly offers one of the best cakes in entire Delhi. Although it doesn’t offer any dine-in option to its customers, the cakes and desserts here are just out of the world and give you a warm and pleasant feeling in your heart every time you eat them. You will find a wide range of cakes varieties here from Fruit Fresh Crème Cake to 10-Layer Chocolate Cake. Apart from its delicious cakes, you can also purchase some delectable Bonbons, cookies, chocolate bars, sauce jars, dessert cans, and so on.

Their Cake Tasting box is quite popular and offers you a chance to experience 6 amazing yet different cakes which are not only utterly delicious but a treat to your sore eyes too. All of their desserts taste fresh and rich in flavor and the service is amazing too. You can easily pre-order a cake for yourself by calling them or booking online and they will get your order home delivered to you. If you ever take decide to visit this amazing bakery make sure you try their 10 Layer Chocolate Cake and their Fruit Cake. Both of them are to die for!

2. Whipped

Where: Greater Kailash 2
Average Cost: ₹500 for two people (approximately)

Whipped is one of the most popular bakeries in Delhi as they not only offer their clients with delicious desserts and baked goods but also offer them a nice and cozy place to enjoy it. In Whipped, you can eat your cake while enjoying the outside view which makes it such a popular place for most dessert lovers. Apart from offering the best desserts in the town and providing a nice set up for people to hang out at, Whipped also makes home deliveries which makes it one of the best bakeries in the town.

The Red Velvet Cheesecake and the Triple Decker Cake are a few of the highlights of this bakery so make sure you try it the next time you visit this place. It is certainly a little expensive but trust me, once you look at their pastries and cheesecakes, you will forget about the cost. Its every bite is worth every single penny and the presentation is so good that you can take several Instagram worthy pictures whenever you visit this place.

3. Maxims Pastry Shop

Where: Kailash Colony
Average Cost: ₹300 for two people (approximately)

Maxims Pastry Shop is another great place to purchase delectable and artful tarts, puddings, cakes, etc. However, this bakery shop offers other delightful and tasty items to the users so you can be sure to have a full tummy whenever you visit this place. Apart from the delicious desserts served here, you can also have a decent meal here with Hot Dogs, Chicken Salad, Pasta, and so on and then end your meal with a tasteful pastry or éclair.

They make especially amazing baked goods during Christmas and their Christmas cakes are really good. Although there is not a lot of place to sit here and enjoy your dessert, you can surely opt for takeaway and enjoy your desserts slowly and peacefully. A few of their must-try desserts include Oreo Cheese Pie, Chocolate Truffle Pastry, and Moist Chocolate Pie. Trust me, a trip to this place will only end up in a full and content tummy.

4. Cocopots

Where: Kamla Nagar
Average Cost: ₹400 for two people (approximately)

Cocopots is an efficient home bakery which makes exceedingly mouth-watering cakes and brownies and what more, delivers them on time too. Since this is a home bakery, you cannot go and choose by looking at the desserts but you can certainly look at their creations online and pre-order them for yourself. Ritika, who is the baker at Cocopots, makes delicious cakes and always delivers on her promise. You can order customized cakes or bulk order cakes from Cocopots and you won’t be disappointed one bit by the taste and the service.

The whole order experience is smooth and pleasant which makes you want to order more from this tasteful home bakery and their bakery is not just limited to cakes and brownies. You can get cookies, dry cakes, cupcakes, cake jars, etc. from this bakery too. If you do decide to order from this amazing bakery then make sure that you try their Chocolate or Pineapple Cake. It is too yummy to describe in words and you will be left licking your fingers late after finishing your entire cake.

5. Wenger’s

Where: Connaught Place
Average Cost: ₹400 for two people (approximately)

Wenger’s is one of the most-visited bakeries in Connaught Place and is one of the best hang out place in Delhi to chill with your friends while having delicious food. This bakery has been here for a long time and its old, British style gateway provides an old yet classy ambiance to the users. Once you visit this place, all your diet plans will go out of the window and you will end up hogging their delicious baked goods not wanting to stop anytime soon.

The Mutton Puff patty and their Mutton kebabs are seriously yummy and filling and the dessert options at this place are literally endless. If you ever visit this place, you just have to try their Nutella waffles which are overloaded with Nutella, Almonds, Icing sugar, and a scoop of ice cream and are extremely rich in flavor.

6. Frozen Fantasy

Where: Satyaniketan
Average Cost: ₹300 for two people (approximately)

Frozen Fantasy is another great bakery which provides no seating option to the users but you can get home delivery for any dessert that you like. It serves one of the best Oreo Pastry and Chocolate Mousse in the town so make sure you try them the next time you order from here. You can go and check out their dessert options and then get a takeaway to enjoy at home with your friends and family or you can get them to deliver your dessert package at home too. An ideal option for people who love having desserts but are too lazy to get out of the house, Frozen Fantasy brings the perfectly delicious desserts at your door so you can enjoy peacefully.

Their cakes and pastries are all fresh and impart a great taste to the user which is why a lot of Delhiites often end up ordering desserts from this place again and again. Choosing a cake to try can be a little difficult as all their creations are beautiful to look at and taste amazing too. Their cakes have layers of whipped cream which makes you feel like you are in absolute paradise. So, next time when you are craving a dessert, all you need to place an order at Frozen Fantasy and all your delicious fantasies will be delivered to your door.

Isn’t that incredible now?

7. Theobroma

Where: Sector 18, Noida
Average Cost: ₹600 for two people (approximately)

Theobrama is one of the most popular bakeries in Delhi and I am sure most of you must have already visited this delightful place. They have sufficient seating place so you definitely go here on a date or to hang out with your friends. The bakery is located in the DLF Mall of India so you can enjoy an entire day of shopping and then indulge in some rich and savory desserts to mark the end of the day.

The bakery offers a wide variety of options to the users in terms of cakes, cookies, croissants, rolls, and so on which makes it a particularly popular spot to eat and converse. All of their baked goods are fresh and give off a beautiful aroma and taste absolutely heavenly. Their Overload Brownie and Chocolate Chip Brownie are just heavenly and a must try item for anyone who loves eating desserts.

8. Sugarama Patisserie

Where: Shahpur Jat
Average Cost: ₹500 for two people (approximately)

Sugarama Patisserie is another small yet cute bakery which offers delightful dessert items to the users. Although there is not a lot of places to hang out here, you can be sure to get the best macaroons and cheesecake popsicles here which will surely make your day. The ambiance of this place is nice and cozy and the staff is courteous and helpful here so you will not be disappointed by this place at all. They make beautiful and flavorsome cakes which are sweet but not too sweet and have an excellent texture to them which makes them all the more scrumptious.

You can also get them to home delivery the items for you so that you can enjoy your cakes and pastries slowly and carefully. If you ever do decide to visit or order desserts from this place, then make sure you try their macaroons, brownie, and cheesecakes. Once you have them, you will never go to another bakery again.

9. The Artful Baker

Where: Khan Market
Average Cost: ₹600 for two people (approximately)

A small and tasteful bakery in the famous Khan market, The Artful Baker serves one of the tastiest pastries and cakes in entire Delhi. It is undoubtedly one of the best bakeries in the Khan market although they have limited seating options so you have to scour for a place here. Their dessert prices are a little high but every bite is worth that damn price and makes you wish you could come here every single day.

Their cupcakes and muffins are beautifully presented and the quality of their baked desserts is really out of this world. Most of their clients can’t stop gushing about their muffins and coffee but what really makes them the best is their cheesecake. The Artful Baker’s cheesecakes are extremely fresh and creamy and a must-try item whenever you decide to visit this small yet cute bakery.

10. Defence Bakery

Where: Defence Colony
Average Cost:  ₹400 for two people (approximately)

Another perfect bakery to soothe your sweet tooth is Defence Bakery where you will not only find delicious and tasteful desserts but can also have a delightful sandwich, roll, burger, or any other fast food that you happen to like. However, their desserts and baked goods certainly take the credit for their entire success. Defence Bakery offers you high-quality baked goods which not only taste delicious but are presented impeccably too.

Their bakery is small but beautifully set up and gives a cozy feeling to anyone who spends some time here. Apart from their desserts, their bread, sausage rolls, etc. are quite appetizing too and their Walnut Pie and Chocolate Truffle Pastry! They melt smoothly in your mouth and give you a happy and satisfied feeling after each bite.

11. Sinfully Yours

Where: Vasant Vihar
Average Cost: ₹300 for two people (approximately)

Although this is a relatively new home bakery in comparison to other popular and well-established bakeries in Delhi, Sinfully Yours does offer one of the most delectable desserts and cakes in the whole city. They have a simple and tasteful menu which lists down all the cheesecake flavors, dips, chocolates, pies, puddings, etc. that can be ordered from their bakery.

You can get customized cakes from here at an extremely affordable price and the taste! I cannot even begin to describe how delicious their desserts are! Sinfully Yours is especially famous for its chocolates and mango cheesecakes and is definitely a place that every dessert lover should order from.

12. Decadenz

Where: DLF Phase 4
Average Cost: ₹300 for two people (approximately)

Decadenz is another Delivery-only bakery which offers a variety of desserts and baked goods to the users which both look and taste amazing. You can especially get these cute chocolate jars from here to gift to your friends and family on some important occasion. Their dessert jars are a nice and unique touch to their bakery and one can get different flavored chocolates like hazelnut, almond, mint, and so on in each of the jars.

Their chocolate fudge jars are fresh and delicious and offer a heavenly taste to anyone who tries them. Apart from their mini jars, they also offer jumbo jars to the users which contains a mixture of flavors and gives you a chance to try each of their delicious flavors in one go. Overall, this is a great place to try dessert and their jar concept adds a nice unique touch to this bakery.


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